Tell us about yourself, your family, and what you enjoy doing when you have free time.

I’ve been in a committed relationship for 20 years. I have two sons: Trey, who just turned 30, Aicardo who is 18 and a 22-year-old stepdaughter, Claudia. I love music of all kinds and I enjoy reading  sci-fi and suspense novels, and watching movies and tv shows in the same genre.

How long have you been at your current position and what do you enjoy most about your job?

I’ve been here for one year and 10 months. The thing that I enjoy most about accounting is the predictability and consistency. Even when there are problems, if a methodical and logical process is applied, they can be solved.

If someone were to call and ask you what you like most about Allied, what would you say?

I like the casual atmosphere and the flexible approach management has in balancing home life and work schedules. I believe it lowers stress levels when you know management will allow you to handle personal matters and make up your time.

Feel free to share anything!

It has been a very strange couple of years. Just two months after I started was the beginning of COVID. I feel fortunate to have had a stable company to work for during these extraordinary events.