Allied Oil & Tire Company is an oil distributor dedicated to providing quality motor oil solutions designed to fit your needs. You can rest assured our lubricant consultants are experts in the field. We’ve been in business and serving operations like yours since 1958. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, construction, automotive or agricultural business, our knowledgeable, experienced lubricant consultants will work with you to help save you money and run your equipment as efficiently as possible.

We are here to help

• Increasing your equipment reliability
• Extending the life of your machinery
• Reducing your operating costs
• Increasing sales
• Increasing new business
• Increasing retention/customer loyalty
• Improving your bottom line

Our lubricant consultants understand that when your equipment isn’t running, you’re losing money. Your productivity and efficiency is something we don’t take lightly. The Allied Lube Scan, conducted by an unbiased third party, gives you comprehensive oil analysis results. You can trust Allied’s expertise and years of experience interpreting lubricant and oil analysis results.

The Allied Lube Scan monitoring methodology will establish the:

  • Ideal interval for oil changes
  • Presence of undesirable contaminants, such as:
  • Excess wear metals
  • Gasoline or diesel fuel dilution
  • Coolant
  • Dirt, sand or dust
  • Dangerous viscosity levels

Ecobox™ System – New Motor Oil Delivery Solution from Shell Lubricants!

The Ecobox™ System can help owners and operators of oil change facilities more efficiently store, manage and deliver oil to customers’ vehicles. Here’s how you can benefit from the Ecobox System:

  • Offer a wide range of specialty motor oils with added convenience – giving you greater opportunity to up-sell & improve customer satisfaction
  • Help improve speed & ease over bottles by requiring less handling than quart bottles
  • Reduce storage space
  • Reduce waste & cost associated waste removal
  • Improved profits
  • Green alternative – 89% less plastic land fill waste & the carton is fully recyclable.


Passenger Car Motor Oil

Allied Oil & Tire Company is a distributor of automotive/passenger car motor oil products and lubricant products, otherwise referred to in the industry as PCMO. We carry the nation’s leading motor oil and lubricant lines: Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Formula Shell.
Allied meets Shell’s stringent DPQA standards for bulk lubricant handling and packaging. With Allied, you can trust you will always have a ready supply of quality bulk motor oil, lubricant and other products when you need them. Our dedication to quality products and customer service makes us one of the top bulk motor oil and lubricant distributors in Omaha.
It is important to quality vehicle maintenance to have quality motor oil and lubricants for optimal performance in passenger vehicles. For more information about the motor oil and lubricants we provide, read below.

Allied Branded Family

Besides carrying the most well-known and quality national brands, Allied carries a full line of quality private label Lubricants. All Allied lubricants are API and ILSAC approved. We follow ISO 2241 standards guaranteeing the quality of these products.

If you see an Allied logo on the package, you can trust the contents meet all required industry specifications. And in most cases, our private label products exceed them. Better yet, our private label lubrication products deliver superior performance with unbeatable value. Allied private label products are products you can trust, at a price you will like!

We manufacture a wide variety of lubricant products, including:

  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Heat Transfer Oils
  • Consumer Motor Oils + Monogrades
  • Non-Detergent Motor Oils
  • Transmission Fluids – ATF, UTF, TO4
  • Industrial Lubricants
  • Rock Drill Oils
  • Automotive Gear Oils
  • Greases
  • Form Oils
  • Gear Oils

Diesel exhaust fluids are an important component if you have a diesel engine. What DEF does, is it breaks down toxic NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. Allied Oil & Tire carries Simply Blue+ DEF, an API-certified, ultra-pure, formaldehyde-free DEF.

All Allied locations have been certified by CF Industries in the proper handling and packaging of bulk Simply Blue+ Diesel Exhaust Fluid, so you can trust your DEF is free from harmful contaminants. Did you know that less than a teaspoon of materials such as copper, zinc, iron and aluminum can contaminate your DEF? This can result in a number of issues from shorter product shelf life to replacing your catalytic converter. That is why it is so important to get diesel exhaust fluids from a company that you know will ensure the cleanliness of your industrial lubricant products. If you want to learn more, read our blog post on the importance of DEF cleanliness.

Simply Blue+ is available in bulk, totes, drums and jugs.


PCMO Lubricants/Products

Besides oil, we also offer other petroleum-based and automotive products, such as windshield washer fluids and antifreeze.



Allied also carries:

  • Antifreeze – keeps your liquid based liquids from freezing
  • Brake Fluids – enables you to break easier
  • Coolant – utilized to decrease or regulate temperature
  • Gear Lubricants – specifically made and used for transmissions and other automobile  machinery
  • Greases – reduces friction, which in return reduces wear and tear on your machinery
  • Power Steering Fluid – hydraulic fluid that sends the power in power steering
  • Transmission Fluid – used to lubricate automatic and manual transmissions
  • Windshield Washer Fluid – fluid used to clean windshields
  • Wiper Blades (Rain X) – removes rain from your windshield