Industrial Services

The single most important benefit Allied Industrial Services brings to your operation is supporting your facility with expert maintenance response.

Our industrial service program typically targets cost reductions associated with environmental hazards, such as used oil disposal, oil recycling, maintenance inspections and lubricant performance. Allied Industrial Services has:

  • Experience in managing successful industrial service programs in manufacturing facilities.
  • Long-standing relationships with manufacturers, consultants and specialists in oil filtration, equipment, tooling, environmental services, etc.
  • The ability to customize each program to meet your specific needs coupled with the flexibility to change the program as your needs change.
  • Assurance that there will be no unplanned disruptions or risks using an Allied product.

Total Fluid Care

  • On or off-site reclamation services
  • New Product Filtration and full services
  • Emergency filtration and water removal
  • Recycling and disposal of used oils and petroleum contact waters
  • Equipment Rental
  • Plant Assessments
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Confined space certified technicians
  • Filter upgrades


Cost Containment

  • Our Reclamation Services cut your new oil purchase costs by approximately 50%reducing total cost of ownership and used oil disposal significantly.

Reduces Down Time
Reduces Labor Costs
Reduces Oil Disposal Costs
Extends Component Life

  • 75% of component replacements in hydraulic and lubricating systems are the result of surface degradation due to corrosion or mechanical wear


  • Analyze current oil conditions
  • Establish target ISO specifications based on plant equipment
  • Utilize Innovative Dehydration and Filtration Products meeting ISO industry standards
  • Verify results on-site with Laser Particle Counter
  • Fully customizable service
  • Emergency and scheduled services available

Extends Useful Life of Oil

  • Particulate in oil not only cause wear but also promote oil oxidation
  • Moisture in lubricating oil will increase oxidation and viscosity and deplete additives
  • Air and gases in oils cause foaming and accelerate oil oxidation

Used Oil Disposal Service


Allied Industrial Services collects used oil, filters, fuels and oily waste water. Our industrial oil wastewater program uses either vacuum or pump trucks, which allow us to provide cost-effective waste retrieval services. This service also includes transportation, processing, and recovery for a wide range of commercial and industrial liquids.

Oil disposal should be handled by authorized organizations as improper oil disposal can contaminate and pollute soil and waterways. Motor oil does not expire or wear out. If properly handled, used oil can be cleaned and recycled for use again. Allied Oil & Tire provides proper oil disposal and recycling for motor vehicles of all kinds.

Aside from standard oil disposal services we offer these processing services:

  • Oil waste water
  • Waste separation from sumps, pits and traps
  • Fuels storage facility
  • Cutting fluids


Oil Reclamation and Oil Recycling


Our advanced oil reclamation and oil recycling technology extends the life of lubricants and equipment through oil filtration, dehydration (water removal) and additization. Allied Industrial Services has advanced equipment and trained employees to remove solids and water contaminants from oil, cutting your downtime and operating costs, getting you back on the road faster and more efficiently.

The advanced range of on-site oil recycling and oil reclamation equipment includes sump-vacuum and mobile and fixed recycling units in a variety of capacities. No matter what recycling system is used, you will be assured of the premium performance of the lubricants and metalworking products.

Allied Industrial Services provides documented evidence of lubricant condition based on a regimen of testing to demonstrate the need and results of fluid recycling and oil filtration.


  • Reduced unscheduled downtime
  • Increased equipment life and reliability
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Reduced disposal and replacement costs


  • Achieve and maintain oil ISO cleanliness codes
  • Extend lubricant and component life
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Documentation and certification

Tank Maintenance + Cleaning




Oil tank cleaning and tank maintenance services range from supplemental manpower for simple lubrication related tasks, to a fully customized clean out and removal program. The program encompasses all of the equipment required to remove unwanted oil, water, and sludge, and significantly improve equipment efficiency.

Our oil tank maintenance service focuses on developing tailored, high-quality solutions for our clients. We show an exemplary commitment to safety and quality in all our day-to-day work. Allied finds the right, cost-effective solution from the most routine task to the complex problems.

Allied delivers a broad set of oil tank cleaning, oil field, industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions. We help companies address on-going and one-time maintenance needs across industry sectors such as manufacturing, food and feed production, industrial plants and many others. For oil tank cleaning, oil tank maintenance, oil tank removal, tank cleaning equipment and other oil tank services, contact our industrial service experts.

Proper cleaning, maintenance and repair can keep your back-up or full tank turn into a disaster, but if something does happen, we offer a quick response in case of an emergency!


Premium Products

Allied Oil & Tire Company is your single source to support your facility in any metalworking and lubrication capacity. We carry quality products from national brands such as Shell, Lubriplate, Valvoline, CAT and Bio Blend, alongside our high-quality private label lubricants. If we sell it, you can trust it!

Metalworking Fluids

• Cutting Fluids
• Forming Oils
• Floor Cleaners
• Heat Treatments
• Process Products
• Synthetic Coolants
• Water Emulsible Coolants

Maintenance Oil and Grease

• AW Hydraulic Fluids
• Compressor Oils
• Flushing Fluids
• Gear Lubricants
• Industrial Greases
• Specialty Lubricants
• Way Lubricants

Other Fluids

• Automotive and Marine Oils
• Biodegradable Lubricants
• Food-grade Lubricants
• Specialty Products

Maintenance Parts

• Hy-Pro Filters/Hy-Dry Desiccant Breathers
• Meters
• Pumps
• Storage Tanks and more